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Introducing ONE3DESIGN, an independent design agency located on the East Coast. Our drive is to create work that matters. We may be small in stature but our ideas are endless. Interested? Step inside, sit down, we'll put the kettle on.

Truth be told, the studio's inception was to showcase the work of Nik Doves. A multi-disiplinery designer with grass roots established in print-based design.

Driven by a results mentality, he now draws inspiration from the digital space creating modern & unique user experiences on emerging platforms. He's work is renowned for taking the audience on a journey whilst still maintaining the brand's essence.

He thrives on a challenge, is responsive and enjoy's the freedom of being independent thou possesses the ability to seamlessly fit within a network like a well oiled wheel.

With each and every clients needs at the forefront, he believes in working hard to discover the soul of a brand and how a consumer connects.

If this feels like the right fit for your next project, give Nik a call.


Ecotemp Pty Ltd, Bellingen's premier air conditioning business goes digital

one3design launches Bellingen air conditioning company Ecotemp Pty Ltd, into the digital world...


We're partnered with a mid north coast air conditioning company

Ecotemp commissions one3design to design & build concepts for their new digital presence.


We team up with leading regional educational organisation

We have designed the international course directory for North Coast TAFE.